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MAY 27,2010
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~ Joshua Luke Douglass

Friday, March 7, 2008

Our Family Needs Your Prayers

My name is Joshua L. Douglass. I am the father of 3 beautiful young girls named, Jocelyn N. 6Douglass(10), Jasmine M. Douglass(9), Jaquelyn Faith Douglass(5), and a handsome young man
name "Lil" Joshua David Douglass(5). We were members of Victory Baptist Church in Plant city Fl, where I was to begin a children's church ministry and a bus ministry. I had to step down from that position before ever starting due to new charges I would like to share with you.

Jaquelyn(2 at the time) was admitted into Tampa General Hospital for pancreatitis back in April of 2007. She was taken to Sun City Center Hospital 6 days prior to being admitted. She was diagnosed with the flu symptoms. We took her home and did our best to treat her with the medicines they recommended. Her throwing up and pain began to get worse the more we treated her. We then took her to Brandon Hospital because they have a pediatric section. They diagnosed her with intisiception of the digestive system. They airlifted her to Tampa General where she was rushed into an emergency procedure putting air and water in her digestive system rectally. She was admitted on the 29th 0f April. They then found it was Pancreatitis.

For 1 week we prayed and fasted for her. She was not getting any better. The doctors began to ask us if she had been in any biking accidents or car accidents or anything of that nature. We were in a car accident in January. We told them we were. We told them that Jaquelyn had climbed up a dresser that had fallen over on her a couple days after easter. Then there was a DCF worker who showed up about 1 or 2 weeks after being admitted. They questioned both my wife Beth and I. Then following me back to our home to see our home and talk to our other children. When they left they told us this was just normal procedure and that it would not go any further than this complimenting our home and family, and that we wouldn't hear from them again. Then a Doctor who works for CPT showed up to the hospital where my wife and I were 2 weks later. He asked a few questions before I told him he needed to comeback at a better time. I walked down to the McDonalds that is built in the hospital. A few moments later the doctor came by. I asked him why he was up here questioning us again after speaking with DCF. All he said to me was. "What did you do, get drunk and kick this baby?" Yes, that question made me furious. First, I would never hurt my children. Second, I don't drink, smoke, chew, drug, or anything of that nature, AT ALL! I do have an arrest record from my younger and dumber yrs. But I have done my best to the Glory of God to live above reproach and raise a God fearing family for many yrs by His grace.

After the doctor left the hospital that night, they took all of our children and were pursuing to place them up for adoption. I have been charged with aggravated child abuse,(charges have now been dismissed after 1,113 days) due to this doctor from CPT's false statements saying he saw bruises on this child's upper abdomen on the 7th of May. Below is a picture of her taken on the 5th of May. She was looked at by other DCF workers and many doctors. All there reports say there are "NO SIGNS OF ABUSE, NEGLECT, AND NO SUSPICIOUS ACTIONS FROM THE PARENTS." But from one doctors being upset with me and writing falsified reports, they have built a case and arrested me.

They questioned my daughter with no recording, video, or speaker. No one was present but the detective as they questioned Jocelyn. They wrote out her statement in quotes. "My dad punched Jaquelyn in her stomach because she was crying excessively." She went back to the home where she was staying at that time and asked our friends who they were staying with. "Where is Jackie?" Our friend told her she was in the hospital and would be there for some time. She ran to her room crying and said to our friend who was keeping them at their home. "The cop told me if I said daddy hurt Jackie she would be all better and could come home". I have a forwarded letter on my computer that our friend wrote to the judge and attorney explaining the incident, if any one would like to see it please e-mail me:

They have now formally charged me with Agg. Child Abuse. The children were going to go to Pennsylvania for the remainder of the case when this criminal case is dismissed to stay with my wife's parents, but when DCF heard of it they said there was a new investigation, so the judge ruled they must stay in Hillsborough custody. But the DCF workers are stating that it will take 6months to get them there. Hillsborough county is paid $5000.00 a month per child they have in their custody from the state. Since then DCF uses completely ignorant excuses to keep the kids in Hillsborough County.
These are the most wicked and cruel, ungodly people I have ever come into contact with. I have begun writing a book that goes into detail about our case, including every false report and lie, with the evidence that shows and proves the lie.

The cause of this blog site is not to degrade our state or government officers. There are some children who do need help. However, our children adore their parents and are suffering from this injustice. This blog was originally created to seek help financially for our attorney fees as we lost our home, most of our belongings and my business fell under so we suffered a major blow financially. Without paying our attorney fees, we would have lost our children to adoption. But because of some fabulous friends and Churches, we hired an attorney and Beth will have the children in may and I am still fighting these charges.

I would wade through hell to fight a circle saw for my family and children, wouldn't you? But I will not lose my children over this abomination and injustice!!! Please read on in this blog to find out details of our case. We have been called a cult for calling our Pastor and friends, "brother" and "sister." And at a scheduled visit our 6 yr old told one of the DCF workers she was lying and not to lie because liars go to hell. (Now we are a cult) GO JOCELYN!

The detective told my father-in-law, "to say you are brothers or sisters is saying you have the same FATHER!" (EXACTLY!!!) We desperately need the prayers of our "brothers" and "sisters" in Christ like never before! I have never been so humbled!

Please, this can happen to anyone. I challenge you to look at the links at the top of this blog!
Your not only praying for 2 broken parents whose marriage is being attacked, but 4 innocent children who are being kept away from their father by DCF! My wife used to only get to see only 3 of our children 2hrs out of 744. (Twice a month.) many times they wouldn't make it to the visit. She will now have full custody of them in Tampa when the school year ends. Beth's parents in Pennsylvania have a been more than a huge help and answer to prayer as the children were in seperate foster homes for many months(PRAISE GOD THEY ARE OUT OF FLORIDA'S HANDS) I'm still not permitted to see them at all to this day February 26th 2011!

Well.....They are safe now in Momma's care, I am not allowed to see my family at all until this is over!

Thank you for praying for our family.